Wendy is absolutely fantastic. She led a small group workshop that I attended at her home that focused on building better eating habits as family. She was patient and informative, providing us with concrete suggestions for ways to make small (and larger) changes in our daily routine in order to lead a more balanced lifestyle and provide our families with healthier culinary options. This hands-on workshop was specifically tailored to our individual concerns and issues, and she provided us with helpful recipes, suggestions and information. I had a ton of fun and learned so much, I feel I am so much better prepared to make healthier decisions regarding what my family eats. I have taken many of her suggestions home and my family LOVES when I make her recipes, many of which are simple and quick. She has demonstrated that it is possible, and relatively easy, to make small but significant changes successfully! I cannot speak more highly of Wendy and feel lucky to have had this wonderful experience.
- Arielle Jachman

Before I met Wendy I was very frustrated, because even when I thought I made positive changes to my family's diet, it still was not right. After working with her and following her advice, my family's health improved a lot. Her website is great and has alot of of great tips and ideas of how to improve your health. I am very thankful and I recommend her. She is the best!!!!
-Susan D.

My daughter was diagnosed this year with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, which means her thyroid is not working properly because it is being attacked by her own antibodies. I started doing research since the doctors said there is nothing you can do to stop it and Wendy was referred to me by a friend. After meeting with her, i implemented the diet she recommended for my daughter and i am still following it. Wendy has been so kind and knowledgeble, she helped me understand the disease and the ways i can help my daughter fight it and eventually stop it. In less than 2 months her thyroid results came back great! The endocrinologist said she does not need the artificial thyroid medication right now!!! That is the best news i got this year, i still can not beleive that diet can actually STOP a disorder like Hashimoto and i am praying that it's going to work for the rest of her life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Wendy! You are wonderful!

Thank you for your nutritional talk on Tuesday. I really learned a lot about what I should be doing to maintain good health. It actually made me think about the food products I buy and what I consume. I am definitely going to try to get away from what I eat and consider organic products. In addition to what we learned, I think a lot of us woke up to the fact that better eating can lead to better health and improved quality of life.
-Linda R. 

What a delight it was for me and some friends to take a class in Wendy's home! The entire experience was fun and informative, and she was so flexible in allowing us to guide the conversation and topics. Our hand's on baking provided me with a nutritious recipe that is part of my family's weekly diet, and she patiently allowed us to ask questions throughout the entire process. I walked away from the program with specific tips for me to incorporate healthier cooking and eating into my family's day-to-day life. Wendy is a lovely, patient, caring professional who is committed to individuals achieving a healthier lifestyle while working with the constraints that diets, children, work and lack of time may impose on us.
-Monica B.

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